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<br>Are you looking for Astralis vs NRG betting prediction? If you are, you came to the right place because we here at CSGO-Tips will provide you with everything you need to know about this match. Stay tuned and read our in-depth analysis and prediction before placing any bets. When it comes to Astralis vs NRG betting, one CSGO betting site stepped up with their odds.<br>
<br>This bookmaker will definitely provide you with the full package for the entire CSGO Major and you should definitely give them a try. 110 on your first deposit. Team Astralis is absolutely destroying everyone. Their first match was against DreamEaters and they won it without any major problems. The second match was against G2. G2 is in a great form but Astralis won it without breaking a sweat. The map was Nuke and Astralis won 8 straight rounds on T side.<br>
<br>I think that says enough about them. They look like old Astralis. This team won last 2 Majors and they came here to win their third. I believe they have a great chance to do it if they continue to play like this. It is enjoyable to watch them play. Team NRG is the group stage heroes. They won all 3 matches while losing only 23 rounds in 4 maps. Their performance in the New Legends Stage is also great. Their first match was against Renegades and they won it.<br>
<br>To be honest, no one expected anything different. The second match was the one that caught my eye. This team managed to defeat the best team in the world, Liquid, <a href="">토토사이트</a> with a handicap. NRG is doing more than great and I don’t know what to expect from this match. Astralis vs NRG Betting - Where to Bet on This Match? Bookmakers tend to give different odds all the time.
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